Angola:Country Has Now 200 Giant Sable Antelopes

Luanda — The number of giant sable antelopes in the country has now reached 200 samples, collected in the past ten years, 60 of which are in the Cangandala national park and 140 in the Luando natural reserve in the northern Malanje Province.

These data were provided by the director of the Kissama Foundation, Pedro Vaz Pinto, when speaking at the workshop on the Programme to Protect the Giant Sable Antelope, held last Tuesday, in Luanda.

Pedro Vaz Pinto said that the species, which is restricted to Angola, is often a target of forest fires and poachers, among other dangers.

He reminded that the civil had eliminated 90 per cent of the number of giant sable antelopes in the country and caused scores of others to migrate to other places.

In January this year, the Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço, issued a presidential order which creates an executive committee for the monitoring and reinforcement of the implementation of the conservation and protective measures on the giant sable antelope, a rare species that exists in Angola and which had almost disappeared from the national territory.

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