Angola:Giant Sable Antelope Remains At Risk of Extinction – Minister

Luanda — The minister of State and head of the President?s Civil Office, Frederico Cardoso, said Tuesday in Luanda, that despite the encouraging results of the work to preserve the Giant sable antelope, the country has not yet reached the stage of non-retrocession to the risk of extinction of this species.

The official added that the current picture is still alarming, thus the need for taking active measures to protect the species, now estimated at 200 animals controlled in the National Park of Cangandala and Luando’s integral reserve.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the workshop on the Giant sable antelope protection programme, the official stressed the need for working in concrete actions that secure the protection of the endangered animals as well as in the restructuring of the ecosystem that are in critical conditions for the existence of the species.

The National Cangandala Park is currently controlling over 60 animals in acceptable conditions, while 140 others are being protected by Luando’s integral reserve. Here the animals have been victims of poaching with traps and firearms, as well as burnings and other dangers.

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