How can we use data to help protect the Mekong river basin?

Developing report cards requires numerous meetings with local and central government representatives, conservation experts, academics, and everyday people who rely on the river, like fishermen and farmers.

WWF and UMCES are hosting workshops with these people to hear various concerns and needs, and to build a common understanding about the health of the Mekong river basin that can lead to action.

“During the workshop, people from all over raised their concerns about their livelihoods and water issues,” said Chabso Liou Nira, an officer at Provincial Department of Water Resources in Kratie province, who participated in one of the report card workshops. He explained that the discussion helped him understand local issues, like how farmers were concerned by water shortages and the drought. This prompted him to visit farmers at their homes and try and address their challenges.

“I try to stay close to the community,” he said afterwards. “Now I know their concerns and will try and solve them.”

Learn more about basin report cards.

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