Tanzania:Germany, Tanzania to Cooperate On Wildlife Species Research

Dar es Salaam — Tanzania and Germany have agreed to strengthen cooperation on scientific research involving various wildlife species.

The commitment was made over the weekend by the director general of the Berlin Museum of Natural History, Prof Johannes Vogel, to the permanent secretary of ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Maj Gen Gaudence Milanzi, who is on a working tour of Germany.

According to a statement released by the ministry, Mr Milanzi is leading a Tanzanian delegation that is attending this year’s ‘Berlin International Tourism Exhibition.’

According to Prof Vogel, Germany will support Tanzania in scientific researching to improve research skills involving wildlife species.

“Instead of returning the (remains of the dinosaur, the huge) lizard species to Tanzania, it would be better if the species will be used for research purposes as a way of disseminating knowledge,” he said.

For his part, Mr Milanzi said the government of Tanzania heartily welcomed Germany’s decision to have an exchange program that is designed to impart knowledge upon Tanzanians.

“The government will offer all the support that’s needed to facilitate scientific researches in the greater interest of the two countries,” Milanzi said.

He also took the opportunity to welcome officials of the Berlin Museum of Natural History to visit Tanzania as part of sincere efforts to strengthen cooperation in the sector.

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