Cat S60 Review: Batman called and wants his phone back

From the moment you unbox the Cat S60 it’s apparent this phone is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s disgustingly thick, oddly shaped, has a funky door on the back of it, and the word “Flir” embossed next to one of two cameras.

While other smartphone makers are obsessing over shaving off fractions of millimeters in a bid to shout “innovation” for the sake of shouting innovation, the Cat S60 screams “Go ahead, try and break me.” Oh, and did I mention it can see in the dark?

Another way to describe it: The Cat S60 oozes a confident feeling of durability, in the same manner that farmers and construction workers across the globe rely upon Caterpillar equipment to move dirt.

The real test, however, is how well a device with Cat’s namesake lives up to the reputation.

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